Clarity Design System

UX guidelines, HTML/CSS framework, and Angular components working together to craft exceptional experiences

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Designed for designers and built for developers

Sketch logo

Sketch Template

Jumpstart your project using our Sketch template with ready-to-use components.

UX guidelines

UX guidelines

Reference UX guidelines that stem from ongoing research and exploration, making it easy to design cohesive experiences.



Start building with our HTML/CSS framework and rapidly go from prototype to production.

Angular logo


Use our set of data-bound and performant components on top of Angular to add interactivity

From prototype to product, faster and better


We work closely with product teams to understand and solve the vast array of challenges they face. These solutions are built into Clarity and contributed back to the community.

Rapid development

Clarity’s shared foundation of design and development makes communication and collaboration between different areas of expertise easier than ever.


Design patterns and technology change quickly. Clarity is built to anticipate and adopt to changes quickly and easily.


We have a dedicated team focused on shipping frequently, with a high bar of quality standard.