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Selector & Basic Usage


Binding Type Options Default Description
[id] input any string null Set an HTML id
[clrValue] input 1,25, 50, 100 ... 0 Specify how much of the progress has been completed.
[clrMax] input 50, 100, 200, ... 100 Set the total amount of work to be done. it must have a value greater than 0.
[clrDisplayVal] input $, £, ¥, ... Overwrite the default value representation (%). Should be short, one or two characters at most.
[clrLabeled] input true, false | valid HTML label string null When true creates an auto generated label for the progress element. String value creates a custom label.
[clrFlash] input true, false, valid HTML string null Set this to make it flash and disappear when clrMaxValue is reached.