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The sidenav is a left-aligned navigational component.


When there are many navigation links a side navigation provides overflow and scrolling to the list of links. Users are informed when a navigation item is active.

Use the sidenav:

  • For links secondary to the links in the header or subnav
  • For a navigation schema with a deep hierarchy
  • When the header and subnav cannot accommodate the required links

The sidenav works best in desktop applications. Scroll when the content exceeds the viewport.

Code & Examples


Clarity application layout depends on a specific DOM structure for layout to work properly. SIde nav fits into this and has a specific place in the DOM hierarchy. A Sidenav container is a sibling element of the content area.

Navigation groups provide a way to group similar or related links together. When grouping links, do not make the heading a link.



Using Icons Include icons when you want to provide a more appealing visual look than just text.