We’re passionate about making Clarity the best it can be. Although each team member has a specific role and area of responsibility, we’re all actively engaged in every aspect of the framework.

Engaging with the Clarity Team

Clarity Team

Picture of Jehad Affoneh

Jehad Affoneh

Clarity Lead

Jehad started and continues to lead the Clarity project. He is involved in all stages of Clarity development. He loves engaging with designers and developers to understand their use cases and help them build solutions.

Picture of Scott Mathis

Scott Mathis


Scott has been with Clarity from the beginning and leads planning and direction of the project. He continues to contribute to research, documentation, user experience, and development.

Picture of Jeeyun Lim

Jeeyun Lim


Jeeyun is working on clarityCORE, which encompasses various tools for building, developing, and shipping Clarity. She's also creating Clarity's Angular components and making sure that the components are beautiful as well as sensible and functional.

Picture of Lilia Kim

Lilia Kim

Visual Designer

Lilia researches what's needed for Clarity and delivers the visual designs.  She works on layout design, component design, and icons.

Picture of Shijir Tsogoo

Shijir Tsogoo


Shijir joined the Clarity team shortly after graduating from the University of Washington. He has built a number of Clarity Angular components and served as the primary developer on the Clarity Icons project.

Picture of Matt Hippely

Matt Hippely


As a UI Engineer, Matt's primary focus is collecting feedback and improving components. He also works to improve the tooling and continuous integration of the Clarity project.

Picture of Jeremy Wilken

Jeremy Wilken


Jeremy is a developer with a passion for all things web and education. He is a Google Developer Expert for Angular, author of the books Angular in Action and Ionic in Action, and regularly speaks at events.

Picture of Stela Stamenkova

Stela Stamenkova

Visual Designer

Stela’s passion is illustration in a vast majority of styles. She delivers illustrations, icons and small animations.

Picture of Ivan Donchev

Ivan Donchev


Ivan was part of the community, a user and fan of Clarity. Now he is part of Clarity and a great fan of its community. He likes to find problems and build solutions. Prefers simple solutions even for the complex problems.

Picture of Colin Miller

Colin Miller

Design Lead

Colin is responsible for leading the evolution and innovation in Clarity, and for the visual and interaction design of the library.

Picture of Cory Rylan

Cory Rylan


Cory is a front-end developer and Google Developer Expert for Angular and Web. When not building components he is busy teaching Angular and other web technologies at workshops and conferences.


  • Eudes Petonnet-Vincent
  • Red Dolan
  • Aditya Bhandari
  • Rob Patten
  • Gail Chappell
  • Etienne Le Sueur
  • Victor Mejia
  • Chris Ha
  • Benjamin Richard
  • Robert Pamfile
  • Ioan Ungurean
  • Yu Xin
  • Roy Ling
  • Ivan Donchev
  • Yan Yixing
  • Clement Cureau
  • Pratheek Hegde
  • Cotton Hou
  • Srinivas Padidapelli
  • Nivedita Chandra
  • Alex Mellnik
  • Gerin Jacob
  • Seven Lju
  • Denis Beklarov
  • Bojan Djurdjevic
  • Mincho Tonev
  • Frank Sheiness
  • Brian Duncan
  • Govinda Alwani
  • Yen Ma
  • Stephen A Thomas
  • Wei Cheng Chu
  • Scott Strobel
  • Michael Krotscheck
  • Peter Blazejewicz
  • Diego Hernández Reyes
  • Changyu Geng
  • icepeng
  • Abhishek Srivastava
  • Massimo Costa
  • HitkoDev
  • Chandra Bhumireddy
  • Neil Kalman
  • Vivian Leung
  • 0xflotus
  • Deyan Angelov
  • Megha Sachdev
  • Changyu Geng