0.10.0-alpha.6 Changelog

This build introduces breaking change. Please read below.

Breaking Changes

2 Changes


4 Bug Fixes


July 28, 2017

Sketch template

Light Theme


  • Import All Shapes in Clarity Icons
    Before Clarity v0.9.15, if you wanted to load all shapes, you had to import all sets one by one after loading ClarityIcons:
    import "clarity-icons";
    import "clarity-icons/shapes/essential-shapes";
    import "clarity-icons/shapes/social-shapes";
    import "clarity-icons/shapes/technology-shapes";
    Now, with Clarity v0.9.15 release, you can load all shapes by importing a single set, all-shapes:
    import "clarity-icons";
    import "clarity-icons/shapes/all-shapes";

Breaking Changes

  • New category sets for Clarity Icons

    With Clarity Icons v0.10.0-alpha.6, we have introduced new category sets such as Commerce, Media, and Travel for Clarity Icons. Also, starting with v0.10.0-alpha.6, we will try to avoid shipping the same icon shapes in different categories so if they were duplicated in mulitiple sets, those duplicates have been removed. To see the new categories and the change of duplicated icons' removal, please refer to our updated Iconography page.

  • Fixed an issue with datagrid action bar click target.
    This fix is a breaking change as the space reserved for datagrid action bar is removed. Hiding the datagrid action bar will now cause the datagrid to move on the page. Our UX team recommends to disable the datagrid action bar instead of hiding it completely as it avoids progressive discovery.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hide/show issue for datagrid rows using cells in the row detail.
  • Fixed Dropdown to emit clrDropdownOpenChange state on all changes
  • Fixed a positioning issue with inline spinners in wizards

Other Changes

  • Added styles to use momentum-based scrolling in webkit based browsers.