0.10.0 Changelog

This build introduces breaking change. Please read below.

Breaking Changes

8 Changes


0 Bug Fixes


August 10, 2017

Sketch template

Light Theme


  • New & Improved Clarity components + Icons

    After feedback and seeing the use cases of our components, we have done a lot of clean up to make our components more user friendly and robust. Unfortunately this introduced breaking changes to several of our components. Below are the list of components with breaking changes. If you have been upgrading with alpha versions, you are already in good shape!

    If your application uses several of the below components heavily, it might be easier to upgrade incrementally by following along each of the alpha release notes. Otherwise, you can click on the breaking changes link to read the release notes on how to upgrade that particular component, or go to the documentation page which has been updated with the latest API and code examples.

  • Sketch UI template updated!

    The Sketch UI template has been updated to match the latest versions of Clarity components!

  • Craft Library updated!

    The Clarity Craft library has been updated to work with the latest versions of Sketch and Craft!