0.10.1 Changelog

Breaking Changes

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2 Bug Fixes

New Components

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August 17, 2017

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  • Tab Overflow

    Now Clarity supports cases where tabs don't fit on one page by providing a way to place some tabs in the overflow.

  • New Component: Vertical Nav

    Clarity now provides a Vertical Nav Component. Vertical Nav supports features like Collapsible Nav, Nav Groups, Icon Links & Lazy Loading Nav Links. For more details, refer to the Vertical Nav Documentation

    For basic use, declare the clr-vertical-nav component like this:

        <a clrVerticalNavLink routerLink="./charmander" routerLinkActive="active">Charmander</a>
        <a clrVerticalNavLink routerLink="./jigglypuff" routerLinkActive="active">Jigglypuff</a>
        <a clrVerticalNavLink routerLink="./pikachu" routerLinkActive="active">Pikachu</a>
        <a clrVerticalNavLink routerLink="./raichu" routerLinkActive="active">Raichu</a>
        <a clrVerticalNavLink routerLink="./snorlax" routerLinkActive="active">Snorlax</a>
        <a clrVerticalNavLink routerLink="./pokedex" routerLinkActive="active">Credit</a>

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a scrolling bug in the collapsible navigation menu
  • Fix Clarity Icons for Safari's HTMLElement.

Other Changes

  • Tab inputs clrTabLinkId and clrTabContenId have been changed to id so that the id attribute can be utilized
  • Improved word wrapping for the Stack View component
  • Adjusts the whitespace for dropdown menu's to make them more compact and balance the horizontal and vertical whitespace
  • Added the AllShapes shortcut for importing all icon sets in Clarity Icons