0.10.10 Changelog

Breaking Changes

0 Changes


2 Bug Fixes


Oct 12, 2017

Sketch template

Light Theme


  • Clarity (UI) SASS now uses rem values (#1079)

    NOTE: $clr_baselineRem is now depricated in the SASS files

    With one simple change you can now radically alter the layout of a Clarity application by changing the font-size on the html element. This will even increase the vertical rhythym.

    $clr_baseline: 24;
    html {
      font-size: $clr_baseline * 1px;
    body {
        line-height: 1rem;
        font-size: (14/$clr_baseline) * 1rem;

    This now enables Clarity consumers to override in their own CSS with the following

    html {
      font-size: 28px;

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a datagrid alignment bug (#1512)
  • Fixed abrupt column width change when declaring expandable rows (#1294)

Other Changes

  • Allow non-SVG items added to Clarity Icons to be sized (#1567)
  • Adds a guard to FocusTrap for inconsistent behavior in IE11 (#1587)