0.10.16 Changelog

Breaking Changes

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1 Bug Fix


Nov 30, 2017

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Light Theme


  • Introducing Clarity Dark Theme

    Themes help you customize the look and feel of an application. Clarity now ships with a dark theme to compliment the original light theme that has been the default. Dark themes are best suited to applications that are content-sparse and highly interactive.

    It's easy to switch your application over to the dark theme. For applications that build with angular-cli or webpack it will be as simple as updating the styles array in your .angular-cli.json or webpack.config.js files so they consume the new clarity-ui-dark.css file instead of the default clarity-ui.css file.

    Adding the dark theme also adds the ability for applications to create a custom theme. However, this requires those applications to build their styles with Clarity scss files and override the component variables with custom colors. Full details about how to switch to dark theme or start a custom theme can be found in the theme documentation.

    If you are using SASS source files from Clarity UI, you may need to update your import paths as some variables have been moved to facilitate dark theme.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix multi-alert pager background color (#1726)

Other Changes

  • A new icon, cursor-hand-click is added to the Essential Icons set.