0.11.0 Changelog

This build introduces breaking change. Please read below.

Breaking Changes

4 Changes


0 Bug Fixes


Jan 11, 2018

Sketch template

Light Theme
Dark Theme


  • @clr Scope

    As of version 0.11.0 Clarity has moved to scoped packages. Please see the 0.11.0-beta.1 release notes for the upgrade guide.

    • Clarity Angular is located here: @clr/angular
    • Clarity Icons is located here: @clr/icons
    • Clarity UI is located here: @clr/ui
    • Clarity v0.11.0 requires a minimum version of Angular 5
  • Sketch Libraries

    Jumpstart your project with one of the Clarity Sketch Libraries (light/dark themes & Icons). You will need the Metropolis fonts . Then download the sketch file from the Clarity Design Resources.

  • Deprecated Entities

    While not a breaking change, Clarity has deprecate many older clarity entity names (components, directives, services) as a move to align the Clarity codebase with a standardize naming convention across components. Both names are available during the 0.11.x release cycle, allowing you to migrate over the release before they are removed in 0.12.x.

    For a comprehensive list, please see the 0.11.0-rc.1 release notes.