0.13.0-beta.2 Changelog

This build introduces breaking change. Please read below.

Breaking Changes

5 Changes


0 Bug Fixes


Aug 21, 2018

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  • Removal of the undocumented ghost pages feature from the wizard.

    The wizard has had an undocumented ghost pages feature, which was removed. If you happened upon this feature and are using it, you'll need to remove it from your wizards.

    Removal of the code highlight component.

    The code highlight component was removed as it was deprecated and planned to be removed. If you use it, you have a few options.

    1. Use another code highlighting module, several can be found on NPM.
    2. Implement your own version of the code highlight functionality, and you can reference our implementation for this website.
    Removal of old grid push and pull features.

    The old grid push/pull functionality was deprecated and causes a number of issues with popovers and clipping overflow content. The solution is to migrate to the new grid formatting.

    Removal of non-prefixed Clarity API.

    In 0.11, all non-prefixed Clarity classes were deprecated, such as Wizard. The correct implementation is always to use the prefixed version now like ClrWizard.

    Removal of the OK button in datagrid column selector.

    This is a visual breaking change, where we removed the OK button from the datagrid column toggle popover. If you have been using the clr-dg-column-toggle-button button to localize the button text, you can safely remove the OK button as well. This component will now only be used for the Select All text localization. The clrType binding has also been deprecated since it will now not be needed.

    Automatically upgrading using ng update

    Some of the changes above can be automatically migrated in an Angular CLI project by running ng update @clr/angular@0.13.0-beta.2. You may need to run ng update @angular/core first, and if you run into issues the best solution is to do a git reset, reinstall node modules, and try again.

    This release also includes all bugfixes from the 0.12 releases.