0.2.5 Changelog

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Jun 16, 2016

Sketch template

Light Theme


  • Build Clarity Seed

    This is a seed project for angular 2 apps using Clarity. The goal of this project is to offer a self-contained "getting started" project for any team that wishes to build an angular 2 application using Clarity. We included the features that we think are 'common' for all projects, while giving room for individuals to easily extend it to fit their project's specific needs. The build system written with gulp and the npm scripts simply run the corresponding gulp commands.

Other Changes

  • Plan and implement packaging for Sketch components
  • Create content to support templates
  • Add the Sketch template to the website
  • Side navigation on Components page has funky indentation
  • Cards in progress bar demo are clickable to href="#"
  • Bundle angular app for Clarity website
  • Quick changes to stackview design
  • Fix error messages in seed