0.2.6 Changelog

Breaking Changes

0 Changes


5 Bug Fixes

New Components

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Jun 23, 2016

Sketch template

Light Theme


  • Stack View

    A stack view displays key/value pairs, which users can expand to show more detail. Stack views are designed for use in the main content area and modals.

  • Highlight colors added to color palette

    Added a set of highlight colors to the Clarity color palette are intended for use in charts, highlighting search results, badging, and also text fields and selection.


  • Close dropdowns on item click

    New Angular option (clrCloseMenuOnItemClick) to close the dropdown menu when a dropdown item is clicked.

Bug Fixes

  • ScrollingService unit test fails
  • Tabs look jittery on some screens especially with longer text on the item
  • Typescript error in Prod Build
  • Make it so an item within a select box doesn't have more than one line
  • Fix indent on bulleted lists on website

Other Changes

  • Select highlight colors
  • Standardize the way we package Clarity components
  • Add a "What's new" section to the website
  • Change the order of alerts in the demo
  • Add the sketch template creators to the list of contributors on the website
  • Add a "loop" example to the progress bar demo
  • Add an "updated" signal to the left-side navigation on the website
  • Add a quick link to "components" on the home page