0.5.1 Changelog

Breaking Changes

0 Changes


2 Bug Fixes


Sep 22, 2016

Sketch template

Light Theme


  • Stack View Editor: Implement HTML/CSS to indicate that a value has been changed

    Stack View now has a new option clrSbNotifyChange which can be added on a stack block. When the option is set to true, an inidicator showing an update is shown on the stack block.

  • Implement HTML/CSS for an XL Clarity modal

    Clarity Modals now supports an additional size - xl using the .modal-xl. The size can also be set on the modal angular component using the clrModalSize option.

    <clr-modal [(clrModalOpen)]="::boolean::" [clrModalSize]="'xl'">

Bug Fixes

  • Modal animation backdrop is sliding
  • Add font-family declaration to body tag

Other Changes

  • Implement and document new row selection color
  • Update website to use Angular 2.0.0
  • Documentation - Buttons
  • Export demo components in Clarity
  • Document Vertical Spacing Between Components
  • Add a date to Release Notes on web