0.5.3 Changelog

Breaking Changes

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1 Bug Fix

New Components

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Oct 6, 2016

Sketch template

Light Theme


  • Wizard Component

    0.5.3 includes a new Angular component - Wizards. A wizard can be created using the following markup:

    <clr-wizard #wizard [(clrWizardOpen)]="open" [clrWizardSize]="'lg'">
        <div class="wizard-title">Wizard Title</div>
        <clr-wizard-step>Step 1</clr-wizard-step>
        <clr-wizard-step>Step 2</clr-wizard-step>
        <clr-wizard-step>Step 3</clr-wizard-step>
        <clr-wizard-page>Content for step 1</clr-wizard-page>
        <clr-wizard-page>Content for step 2</clr-wizard-page>
        <clr-wizard-page>Content for step 3</clr-wizard-page>

Bug Fixes

  • Inverse button: disabled inverse button is too dark

Other Changes

  • Documentation for Wizard Component
  • Add spinner component size variations
  • Restructure the left side navigation on the components page of the website
  • Improvements to the login page component