0.5.4 Changelog

Breaking Changes

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5 Bug Fixes

New Components

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Oct 14, 2016

Sketch template

Light Theme


  • Clarity Icons

    Clarity presents pixel perfect and scalable SVG-based icons. This new icon system gives you complete control over the color, orientation, and visibility all the way down to individual paths in the icon through standard CSS. Multi-colored icons are as easy as setting fill and stroke colors in your styles! Clarity Icons comes with a set of predefined color treatments as CSS classnames that you can use in your HTML right away with more icons and styles on the way.

    <clr-icon shape="info" class="icon-size-[sm/md/lg]"></clr-icon>
    <clr-icon shape="info" class="icon-orient-[up/right/down/left]"></clr-icon>
    <clr-icon shape="info" class="icon-color—[highlight/inverse/success/danger/warning/info]"></clr-icon>
  • Responsive Navigation

    Clarity Navigation is now responsive! You can make up to two levels of navigation responsive. Add the clr-nav-level input to your navigation level and assign it a value of 1 for primary navigation and 2 for secondary navigation.

            <div class="header-nav" [clr-nav-level]="1">
        <div class="content-container">
            <main class="content-area">
            <nav class="sidenav" [clr-nav-level]="2">
  • Login Form Updates

    Login Form now supports a select box for Authentication Source and a link for Sign Up.

Bug Fixes

  • Clicking on the magnifying glass should focus on the search bar in the header
  • Header overflow bug
  • Make wizard not depend on container's css class
  • Increase specificity of close class in wizard
  • Documentation section change killed responsive sidenav on the website

Other Changes

  • Document improvements to login screen
  • Add Documentation on Responsive Header
  • Add Copyright, Trademark, etc information to the website
  • Determine naming conventions for Clarity Icon system
  • Implement Clarity Icons
  • Highlight the current step in a wizard better
  • Create Do and Don't images for Clarity web site
  • Cleanup typings