0.6.0 Changelog

This build introduces breaking change. Please read below.

Breaking Changes

2 Changes


2 Bug Fixes


Oct 28, 2016

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Light Theme


Breaking Changes

  • Upgrade BS4 to Alpha 5

    Clarity has been upgraded to the latest alpha version of Bootstrap 4: Bootstrap 4, alpha 5. In its latest alpha release, the Bootstrap team has changed a number of utility classes — like float-*-left instead of pull-*-left. In some cases, this may constitute a breaking change for applications that were dependent on the old utility classnames. Find out more information about Bootstrap Alpha 5's changes.

  • Move Clarity to the Metropolis font

    As a precaution, make sure to check out your application after upgrading to ClarityUI 0.6.0 to make sure the change to the Metropolis font hasn’t had a negative impact on your application. Metropolis is very close to the previous font that Clarity was using but it is a different font. The Clarity team have not encountered any negative side effects with the font change but want to promote awareness around it.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Clarity Icon dependencies
  • Content area on website has too much padding at top

Other Changes

  • Implement font replacement
  • Font changes to website
  • Changes to Clarity font based on spec updates
  • Move Clarity-UI to a more scalable folder structure
  • Move code to github
  • Prepare to publish on NPM
  • Header & Navigation specs - Update based on implementation & add responsive specs
  • Move Text from Component Demo Files to .md Files