0.6.1 Changelog

Breaking Changes

0 Changes


3 Bug Fixes


Nov 4, 2016

Sketch template

Light Theme


  • Cards Refactor

    Cards have been refactored to support a simple semantic layout:

    <div class="card">
        <div class="card-header">
        <div class="card-block">
        <div class="card-footer">
      Additional features added are:
    • Cards in CSS Columns
    • Card Media Blocks
    • Images can now be added anywhere inside of the card using the .card-img class

    We recommend moving all card actions into the card footer.

    Following classes are being deprecated and will be removed in 0.8.0.
    Deprecated ClassesReplacement
    .card-linkFlat/Link Buttons - .btn .btn-sm .btn-link
    .card-img-topUse the .card-img class irrespective of where the image is placed in the card.
    .card-dividerCard header and blocks now have a bottom border which act as card dividers. Multiple card blocks can be used to divide the content. This helps organizing the content in cards.
  • SASS Overrides

    To give our users the ability to easily customize the look of the Clarity Design System, we have added over-rideable variables to the Clarity SASS source code.

    We recommend that users make customizations in the utils/_overwrite.clarity.scss. This file was created so that users of the Clarity Design System could overwrite our default variable assignments in one location.

    Overriding the default Clarity Design System variables requires you to rebuild Clarity with your own SASS build.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed alignment of card footer links in MSEdge
  • Applied not-allowed cursor to disabled text areas
  • Fixed an issue where dropdowns were getting cut off in the headers

Other Changes

  • Added favicon to website
  • Updated sketch template to version 0.6.0
  • Moved to TravisCI
  • Overhauled website navigation to allow it to run at root level locally and as a project github pages
  • Designed a new logo for the Clarity Design System
  • Moved website to github