0.7.2 Changelog

Breaking Changes

0 Changes


2 Bug Fixes


Nov 23, 2016

Sketch template

Light Theme


  • Core icon set for Clarity Icons

    With 0.7.2, Clarity has released a core set of 50 icons. In addition, the orientation of icons can now be adjusted by using the dir attribute or appending the direction to the existing shape attribute.

  • Sketch template updated to 0.7

    The Clarity Sketch template has been updated to 0.7. With the latest release, Sketch template has been rebuilt from the ground up to improve organization and presentation of the components.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed change detection for smart iterators on datagrid
  • Unnecessary log messages removed from the datagrid

Other Changes

  • Added placeholder for empty state on data grids
  • Sketch template link added to website homepage
  • Coding guidelines added to github repo
  • Various website enhancements and bug fixes