0.7.5 Changelog

Breaking Changes

0 Changes


3 Bug Fixes


Dec 16, 2016

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Light Theme


  • Added Clarity Icon variants architecture

    Clarity Icons have been refactored to handle outlined, solid, badged, and alerted icon variants. The CSS for the icon styles and paths has also been re-architected to support a SuitCSS/BEM naming convention. Stay tuned as we begin updating our library of icons and documentation to support these new features!

  • Added Icons support in Clarity buttons

    Clarity buttons now support Clarity Icons. The following is an example of using Icons in buttons:

    <button class="btn btn-primary">
        <clr-icon shape="cog"></clr-icon>
  • Added new icons in Clarity Icons

    Clarity Icons now includes new icon shapes such as view-list, view-cards, view-columns, and host.

  • Added indeterminate state to checkboxes

    Checkboxes for both Clarity-UI and Clarity-Angular now support an indeterminate state.

  • Added CSS regression testing to Clarity's repo

    Added CSS regression testing using Gemini to test Clarity components.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed text dropdowns in the header actions section of the header
  • Fixed bug where validated inputs didn’t occupy 100% of the width on smaller screens
  • Updated pre style to have newlines by default

Other Changes

  • Added Template-Driven and Model-Drive/Reactive approaches to handling Clarity forms