0.8.1 Changelog

Breaking Changes

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3 Bug Fixes


Jan 5, 2017

Sketch template

Light Theme


  • Created a new Plunkr template for Clarity 0.8.x

    Now that Clarity supports aot, the plunkr has been updated so that SystemJS can load clarity from the clarity-angular.umd.js file. The template is here.

  • Added style for input types: tel and date

    This fixes an issue filed for inputs that are of type tel or date where they did not conform to the Clarity visual style that other text inputs do.

  • Retrieve Clarity Icon templates through the get() method of ClarityIcons API

    You can now retrieve all Clarity Icon shape templates through ClarityIcons.get() method. Or if you want to retrieve the template of a particular shape, you can pass the shape name as an argument like ClarityIcons.get("home").

Bug Fixes

Other Changes

  • Updated coding guidelines with clr- prefix guidelines.
  • Added proper exporting for Stack View components.