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April 6, 2017

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  • Button Groups

    Adds the Button Group component. A Button Group is a collection of Buttons aligned side by side with no space between them. This can be used to create a collection of similar actions, to save space, or to respond to different size containers.

    Button Groups supports the following use cases:

    • Mixing colored buttons for action differentiation
    • Adding dropdown menus for additional options
    • A responsive experience to handle smaller containers
    • Icon buttons
    • Checkbox and radio group selections

    Here is a basic example of Button Groups

    <clr-button-group class="btn-primary">
        <clr-button [clrInMenu]="true">Download</clr-button>
        <clr-button [clrInMenu]="true">Move</clr-button>
        <clr-button [clrInMenu]="true">Delete</clr-button>