0.8.2 Changelog

Breaking Changes

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0 Bug Fixes


Jan 12, 2017

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Light Theme


  • Use ClarityIcons API in Angular components

    You can now import and use ClarityIcons API in your Angular components:

    import 	{ ClarityIcons } from "clarity-icons"

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue with input width inside of .tooltip-validation in login forms.
  • Fixed an issue with grids showing horizontal scrolling inside of modals.
  • Fixed the EventEmitter for the checked and indeterminate state in the internal angular checkbox component used in Datagrids and Trees.
  • Update the plunker link to work with 0.8.x clarity and created a plunker tempalte for the previous version of Clarity (0.7.6).
  • Added public inputs/outputs for dropdowns and checkboxes (Fixes error when compiling for AOT).

Other Changes

  • Styles for wizards were updated to more closely match visual design specs.
  • Changed modal documentation to use new layout on website.
  • Added a simple app within the Clarity project to test AoT compilation with npm package candidates.
  • The close buttons on modals, alerts, wizards, and the datagrid have been changed to use ClarityIcons. The old method of using the <span>&times;</span> element has been deprecated and will be removed in 0.9. It is still supported in 0.8, however.
  • The warning color for icons changed to #FAC400.