0.8.4 Changelog

Breaking Changes

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2 Bug Fixes

New Components

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Jan 26, 2017

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  • New Component: Tree View

    Clarity now provides an Angular Tree View component. There are three main types of trees: Basic Tree, Basic Tree with Icons, and Checkbox Tree. Tree supports features like dynamic tree generation, lazy loading of tree nodes, selectable tree nodes, pre-populating a tree etc. For more details, refer to the Tree Documentation .

    Basic Tree Example

        <b>Office Locations</b>
                <clr-tree-node>Palo Alto, CA (Headquarters)</clr-tree-node>
                <clr-tree-node>Seattle, WA</clr-tree-node>
                <clr-tree-node>Austin, TX</clr-tree-node>
            <clr-tree-node>Bangalore, KA</clr-tree-node>
            <clr-tree-node>Pune, MH</clr-tree-node>
  • New icons for Clarity Icons

    With 0.8.4, Clarity has introduced many new icons including icons that are requested by our users such as tag, help, plus-circle, etc

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Header Overflow Trigger alignment.
  • Removed active style for focused anchor tag.

Other Changes

  • Support manual selection of Datagrid row.
  • Updated the documentation for Clarity checkboxes.
  • Added Unit Tests for Clarity Icons.
  • Optimized RxJS imports.