0.9.15 Changelog

Breaking Changes

0 Changes


3 Bug Fixes


July 27, 2017

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    Import All Shapes in Clarity Icons
  • Before Clarity v0.9.15, if you wanted to load all shapes, you had to import all sets one by one after loading ClarityIcons:
    import "clarity-icons";
    import "clarity-icons/shapes/essential-shapes";
    import "clarity-icons/shapes/social-shapes";
    import "clarity-icons/shapes/technology-shapes";
    Now, with Clarity v0.9.15 release, you can load all shapes by importing a single set, all-shapes:
    import "clarity-icons";
    import "clarity-icons/shapes/all-shapes";

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hide/show issue for datagrid rows using cells in the row detail.
  • Fixed Dropdown to emit clrDropdownOpenChange state on all changes
  • Fixed a positioning issue with inline spinners in wizards

Other Changes

  • Added styles to use momentum-based scrolling in webkit based browsers.