0.9.2 Changelog

Breaking Changes

0 Changes


6 Bug Fixes


April 27, 2017

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Light Theme


  • Expanded color palette

    The Clarity color palette has been updated and expanded! The new color palette contains a broader range of colors for use in applications, charts, and more. Recommendations and design guidelines about the new color palette will be coming soon from the Clarity UX team.

  • Alt Next in Wizard

    The clrWizardPreventDefaultNext and clrWizardPagePreventDefaultNext boolean inputs have been added to Clarity’s Wizard and WizardPage components.

    The new inputs function similarly to how Clarity’s alt-cancel functionality works, only the alt-next functionality overrides primary button actions (finish, next, and danger button clicks) at the page and wizard levels.

    For more information, check out our documentation for the Clarity wizard.

  • New icons for Clarity Icons

    With 0.9.2, Clarity has introduced new icons such as asterisk, bug, devices, layers, bundle etc.

  • Spinners inside of Buttons

    With 0.9.2, you can add Spinners inside of a Button to indicate loading by using the clrLoading directive on a Button.

                <button [clrLoading]="loading" class="btn" (click)="activateLoading()">Activate Loading</button>

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed clrWizardPageOnLoad so that it emits whenever a page is made current.
  • Updated unit tests for new wizard providers and increased test coverage.
  • Updated padding in the wizard's header.
  • Fixed the styling of select elements with size attribute.
  • Updated the alert components' style to match with the latest visual spec.
  • Fixed an issue with the datagrid placeholders and filters