0.9.7 Changelog

Breaking Changes

0 Changes


4 Bug Fixes


June 1, 2017

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  • Clarity Icons and non-SVG elements

    Clarity Icons can now accept non-SVG elements. This allows users to create shortcut references for PNGs, JPGs, or even span tags that reference icon font glyphs.

    More documentation on this feature will be coming soon but for now you can add HTML elements to Clarity Icons using the add method.

    ClarityIcons.add("your-custom-icon", "<img src=\"/assets/yourImage.png\">");
  • Stopping navigation and disabling the stepnav in the Clarity wizard

    The new Clarity wizard has had two new inputs added to the clr-wizard component.

    When set to true, the [clrWizardPreventNavigation] input freezes navigation to the current page. This means that a user can no longer click buttons, the close "X", or the stepnav links on the left to go to a different page in the wizard.

    0.9.7 also introduces the [clrWizardDisableStepnav] input on the clr-wizard component. When set to true, this input only disables the links in the stepnav.

    More documentation and the working example can be found in the wizard documentation .

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a Datagrid issuewhere datagrid footer throws Expression has changed after it was checked error when using *ngIf to hide/show the datagrid.
  • Fixed an issue with the datagrid width when the page scroll is toggled.
  • Fixed the outline clipping issue for form fields in modals and wizards
  • Fixed an issue with the RxJS rollup config.

Other Changes

  • Added styles for input[type="datetime-local"]
  • Added styles for readonly input fields
  • Removed the Mutation Observer dependency as Clarity has dropped support for IE10 starting June 1st 2017
  • Updated the login page.