1.0.0-beta.1 Changelog

This build introduces breaking change. Please read below.

Breaking Changes

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Oct 26, 2018

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  • This release does not include schematics to help migration steps for 1.0 yet, so you'll have to manually apply the fixes listed here.

    To get this update, run npm i @clr/angular@next @clr/ui@next @clr/icons@next. The @next tag is necessary only while Clarity 1.0 is in prerelease, afterwards it won't be necessary. You can use this with any Angular CLI project, even if you've already started to work on it. You may need to run ng update @angular/core @angular/cli first to update to Angular 7.

    Support for Angular 7 (#2729)

    This release brings Angular 7 support for Clarity, and this Clarity branch will be supported to work with Angular 7 while Angular is supported.

    Removal of Bootstrap as a dependency (#2729)

    To help Clarity not depend on Bootstrap, and to avoid having dependencies with known vulnerabilities (though we did not use the vulnerable code anywhere), we moved the Bootstrap sass files into our project. This only matters to projects that have custom themes that incorporate Bootstrap, you'll now want to now import the Bootstrap files from @clr/ui/utils/bootstrap/.

    Removal of deprecated Wizard API (#2758)

    We removed two deprecated Wizard APIs. The removed ClrWizard.prev() should be replaced with ClrWizard.previous(). The removed ClrWizard.navService.setCurrentPage(1) should be replaced with ClrWizard.navService.currentPage = 1;.

    Removal of deprecated Datagrid features (#2756)

    We removed two deprecated Datagrid APIs. The ClrDgColumnToggleButton no longer has the clrType binding, since the OK button was removed, so you should just remove the attribute and remove any OK toggle button implementations you have. Also, the mistyped clDgRowSelection should be replaced with clrDgRowSelection.

    Removal of deprecated Alert features (#2751)

    We removed two deprecated Alert APIs for the Angular component only. The alert types no longer support any variations that start with alert-, just remove the prefix like info. The first child of an ClrAlert should be clr-alert-item, to ensure the icons properly display.

    Removal of deprecated icon shapes (#2750)

    The eye and eye-hide shapes were moved from the essentials set to the core set. If you import them directly, you will need to update the import path.

    Deprecation of old grid (#2757)

    Clarity has had deprecated the old grid already, but has actually removed it from the main @clr/ui bundles. If you are still using the old grid (which includes the old unprefixed .row and .col classes), we have provided a temporary file you can include until you fully migrate to the new grid classes. To do this, add @clr/ui/clr-grid-deprecated.css to your project.

    Deprecation of old forms (#2730)

    Clarity has had deprecated the old forms already, but has kept them in this release to provide more time to migrate. Previously to use the new forms you had to include the ClrFormsNextModule with the old forms as the default, but now it has been reversed. The new forms no longer need to include the next module, but if you wish to use the old forms still you must include the ClrFormsDeprecatedModule.

    Two way support for ClrDatagridHideableColumn (#2738)

    Clarity now supports two way binding on [(clrDgHidden)] so you can keep track of the state more easily.