1.0.0-beta.2 Changelog

This build introduces breaking change. Please read below.

Breaking Changes

4 Changes


2 Bug Fixes


Nov 2, 2018

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  • This release does not include schematics to help migration steps for 1.0 yet, so you'll have to manually apply the fixes listed here.

    To get this update, run npm i @clr/angular@next @clr/ui@next @clr/icons@next. The @next tag is necessary only while Clarity 1.0 is in prerelease, afterwards it won't be necessary. You can use this with any Angular CLI project, even if you've already started to work on it. You may need to run ng update @angular/core @angular/cli first to update to Angular 7.

    Support for new checkboxes (#2782)

    The checkboxes have been overhauled to work with the new forms, and the old clr-checkbox component has been removed.

    Support new forms in login form (#2804)

    The login page template has been updated to support the new form controls, with only a slight visual difference. If you do not update to the new forms, you'll need to be sure to include the deprecated forms module in your Angular module.

    New pagination in Datagrid (#2754)

    The new datagrid pagination is a visual improvement to the original pagination that also includes a new text field for users to manually input the page they'd like to view by entering the number directly. It also was a requirement for future work in the datagrid. You can also add a new component clr-dg-page-size which will display a select box for items per page.

    Support for form resets and forced validation (#2735)

    Forms have been improved to support NgControl reset methods, and can be forced to display validation by marking them as dirty. This helps in cases where you want to force validation (such as when the user submits a form without filling in all the fields), and when you need to clear the values and reset validation.

    Set default form layout to horizontal (#2797)

    Previously, Angular forms would default to the vertical layout, which is against the desired UX default. Therefore, unless you specify a different layout it will adopt horizontal by default with Angular forms.


  • Date picker reset bugfix (#2803)

    Fixed a bug that if you reset the date picker, you were unable to reselect the same date again.

    Date picker grid override bugfix (#2803)

    Fixed a bug that didn't correctly set the correct grid class overrides when specified.