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Feb 15, 2019

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  • Welcome to Clarity 1.1.0


  • This is a minor version release that includes incremental changes and bug fixes to Clarity.
  • Volume 14 icons

    Added a new volume of icons, which includes among others: capacitor, inductor and resistor. The whole list is found in the PR. (#3099)

  • ClrToggle

    a new ClrToggle component that works very similarly to the ClrCheckbox, but has the visual display of a toggle switch. The control also has support for validation. Documentation for usage can be found in the Toggle Switches documentation. (#3067)

  • Datagrid filters now expose a "state" property on custom filters

    The filters array contains either a custom state object returned by the state method of the filter or the filter instance itself if the optional state method is not implemented. (#3066)

Bug Fixes

  • Added a fix for the inline progress-bar. (#3089).