2.0.0-beta.2 Changelog

This build introduces breaking change. Please read below.

Breaking Changes

4 Changes


5 Bug Fixes

New Components

1 Component


Apr 22, 2019

Sketch template

Light Theme
Dark Theme


Angular 8 (beta.13)

Support for Angular 8-beta.13 (#3310). This release brings Angular 8-beta.13 support for Clarity, and this Clarity branch will be supported to work with Angular 8 while Angular is supported.


Removed deprecated datepicker(#3267)

Removed deprecated forms and bootstrap(#3292)

Removed deprecated grid(#3249)

Added Vertical Tabs (#3102)

The addition of vertical tabs now allows consumers to specify clrLayout ="vertical" on a clr-tabs container. Please refer to the updated documentation for more info.

Bug Fixes

  • Remove box-shadow on disabled buttons ( #3228).
  • Fixed missing solid circle svg (#3247).
  • Adds support for inline toggle inputs in datagrid rows (#3243).
  • Fixes premature validation (until after touched) in forms and adds proper styles for disabled radios and checkboxes. ( #3242)
  • Improves a11y for clr-control-error (#3305)

Other Changes

  • There were several internal changes to the datagrid related to how internal state is managed: (#3124), #3217), #3240))