2.0.0-rc.2 Changelog

This build introduces breaking change. Please read below.

Breaking Changes

1 Change


2 Bug Fixes


May 14, 2019

Sketch template

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Angular 8.0.0-rc.3

To get this update, run ng update @clr/angular@next. The @next tag is necessary only while this is in prerelease, afterwards it won't be necessary. You can use this with any Angular CLI project, even if you've already started to work on it. You may need to run ng update @angular/core @angular/cli first to update to Angular 8.0.0-rc.3 or greater.

Support for Angular 8.0.0-rc.3 (#3310). This release brings Angular minimum 8.0.0-rc.3 support for Clarity, and this Clarity major version will be supported for Angular 8 while Angular is supported.

In addition to the bug-fixes listed below several improvements were made to the website related to accessibility and cleaning up some of the out-dated build configuration.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a lifecycle issue for projected components in tabs (#3329)
  • Datagrid: fixes active filter icon in IE/Edge browsers(#3347)